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Misfit T50 – Your Ultimate Styling Partner

Perfect every style, every time with our all-new trimmer for men – Misfit T50. Be it a regular office stubble or that fancy party look, turn heads wherever you go with the power to create stare-worthy styles. Don a new look every day with its 0.5mm-20mm trimming range that gives you the freedom to be unapologetically you. Its long-lasting lithium battery provides 160 minutes of backup to save you from constant charging chores. Hey, it’s your time to speak your style with Misfit T50.

Lasts Up to 160  MINUTES

Now you can groom while you groove (literally) with a lithium battery that goes on, and on, and on. Comes with an indicator as well.

BLADESMisfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle

Talk about gliding on your skin and tough on the hair! If effortless and stylish had a synonym, this would be it.

TIMEMisfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle


Best in town, grooming solution is here! Now don’t wait for hours. Put it on charge for 1.5 hours to charge it fully.

LENGTHMisfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle

40 (EVERY 0.5 MM)

With the multiple length-setting comb, take your pick every day – whether you like the classic stubble, the fancy goatee, or the mighty handlebars. Every day calls for a new look!

RANGEMisfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle

0.5-20 MM

With 0.5 mm precision, get that distinct cheek line, neckline, and those perfectly crafted sideburns. T50 is precisely what you need to define your vibe.

DESIGNMisfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle

Enhance your grooming session with T50’s easy-to-use, sleek, and efficient design that lets you groom it all the way and leaves no room for missed patches or regrets.

LOCK Misfit T50 Trimmer - boAt Lifestyle

Turn your travel mode on with the super handy safety lock and travel pouch. Add easy cleaning & maintenance as well to make it a win-win!


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