boAt Airdopes 458


boAt Airdopes 458 |  Truly Wireless Earbuds with Spatial Bionic Sound tuned by THX®, 11mm Drivers, In-Ear Detection, BEAST™ Mode


boAt Airdopes 458 – Truly Wireless Earbuds with Spatial Bionic Sound tuned by THX®

Make your truly wireless audio experience truly immersive too with Airdopes 458. Featuring Spatial Bionic Sound tuned by THX®, these truly wireless Airdopes will make you immerse yourself in a world of stunning audio that captures every detail. Experience technology at its finest with the in-ear detection that plays and pauses your music as you plug in and plug out. Airdopes 458 comes with BEAST™ Mode which keeps you perfectly synced with minimal lags.

Spatial Bionic Sound Tuned By THX®


Transcend into a whole new world of immersive sound with Spatial Bionic Sound that is tuned by THX®. It enhances your gaming & listening experience with 3-dimensional realistic audio and positional accuracy, giving you a sound that is designed just for you.

BEAST™ Mode with 65ms Low latency

Keep lags at bay with the super low latency of 65ms. Switch to the Dedicated Gaming mode and dive into an alternate dimension of gaming that syncs smoothly with your moves and lets you hear every beat come alive. Activating the BEAST™ Mode also turns on the Spatial Bionic Sound.

In-Ear Detection

While you are in the middle of a game, forget the hassle of pressing multiple buttons. The in-ear detection feature on Airdopes 458 lets you play & pause on command. Lock in to play and take out both earbuds to pause. See? Super simple.

Be Clearly Heard

With 4 mics working on ENx™ Technology, make way for seamless conversations and get heard clearer than ever. Airdopes 458 pick nothing but your voice, cutting through all the noise around you.


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