Aavante Bar RAAGA


Aavante Bar Soundbar with 100W RMS


Aavante Bar – Soundbar with 100W RMS

Feel your entertainment like never before with Aavante Bar RAAGA. The soundbar comes with 100W RMS signature sound and a 2.2 Channel surround sound that makes the room come alive. Adjust bass, treble and change EQ modes at your whim. #RaiseTheBar with Aavante Bar RAAGA and get grooving.

100W RMS Soundbar

Perfectly perfect. The 100W RMS with a wireless subwoofer delivers stronger bass, louder sound and an enthralling experience. Lose yourself to the tunes of Aavante Bar RAAGA.

Premium And Polished

Sleek, edgy and premium. Aavante Bar RAAGA  ticks all the right boxes when it comes to design and style.



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